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Liste des communications 2013

A1.2013-  A. Chaker, A. MLIKA, M.A. Laribi, Romdhane Lotfi and S.Zeghoul,

" Clearance and manufacturing errors effects on the accuracy of the 3-RCC Spherical Parallel Manipulator "

European Journal of Mechanics - A/Solids, Volume 37, January–February 2013, Pages 86–95 (IF 1.592)


A2.2013- M.A. Yousfi1), K. Hajlaoui1,2)† , Z. Tourki1) and A.R. Yavari2)

 "Serrated Flow Model for Metallic Glasses under Compressive Loading".

Acta Metall. Sin. (Engl. Lett.) Vol.26 No. 5 pp. 503—508 October 2013 IF: 0.467


A3.2013- S. Bennour, N. Zarrouk, M. Dogui, L. Romdhane, J-P. Merlet

 "Validation of optimization model that estimates the musculotendinous forces during an isometric extension of knee"

 Journal of Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering (Vol. 16, No. S1, August 2013, 167–179), Impact Factor: 1.770.


A4.2013- Fehmi Gamaoun, Tarak Hassine & Tarak Bouraoui

"Strain rate response of a Ni–Ti shape memory alloy after hydrogen charging"

Philosophical Magazine Letters

Philosophical Magazine

Letters (2013): Strain rate response of a Ni–Ti shape memory alloy after hydrogen charging,

Philosophical Magazine Letters, DOI: 10.1080/09500839.2013.855330

Published online: 21 Nov 2013. IF: 1.3


A5.2013- Fehmi Gamaoun, Imen Skhiri, Tarak Bouraoui, and Tarak Ben Zineb

"Hydrogen effect on the austenite–martensite transformation of the cycled Ni-Ti alloy"

Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures 2014, Vol. 25(8) 980–988_ The Author(s) 2013

DOI: 10.1177/1045389X13502868 IF: 1.6


A6.2013- Fehmi Gamaoun, Tarek Hassine

"Ageing Effect and Rate Dependency of a NiTi Shape Memory Alloy after Hydrogen


Accepted Manuscript DOI: IF: 2.390


A7.2013- El-Kribi. B, Houidi.A, Affi.Z, Romdhane.L

"Application of multi-objective genetic algorithms to the mechatronic design of a four bar system with continuous and discrete varialbles"

Mechanism and Machine Theory 2013

IF: 1.214


A8.2013H. Ben Hadj Salah, H. Ben Daly, J. Denault, F. Perrin,

“Morphological aspects of polypropylene/clay nanocomposites materials”, Polymer Engineering and Science, Volume 

53, Issue 5, pages 905–913, May 2013. Impact Factor: 1,441